The main activities within Project AF8 are:

  1.  Science-informed earthquake scenario development workshops and on-going development.  The first of which occurred in August 2016, followed by workshops to develop more detailed content prior to individual CDEM Group planning workshops.
  2. CDEM Group response planning workshops.  One for each of the 6 South Island CDEM Groups and one for the Wellington region and national-level agencies.  The workshops will be held from late-2016 to mid-2017.

Depending on funding for the second year of the project, mid-2016 to mid-2017 is intended to focus on the development of the detailed South Island Alpine Fault Earthquake Response (SAFER) Plan.  Also dependent on future funding, Project AF8 is also expected to develop tools to assist communities become more resilient to major earthquakes.

Ideally the project will culminate in a South Island-wide response exercise to test and bed-in the SAFER Plan.  This is likely to occur in late-2017 or into 2018.